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Each and every order is cast by us as orders come in. You should expect 6-10 business days for the item(s) to be created. This does not include shipping times.

Domestic Shipping (within the US)

Most items ship USPS Priority which comes with a 2-3 day delivery time and tracking. Tracking numbers are provided when the items ship. 

First Class Domestic Shipping

Only available on a select group of items and items that weigh under 13 oz. No tracking is available and average delivery time is 1 - 3 days. 



International Shipping
It takes longer and costs more (usually starting at $48). Most countries allow our products to be imported. Any VAT or other taxes that occur in your country are to be paid by the buyer. Estimated delivery times is 6-10 days.
We do not offer First Class International Shipping.
Can you ship replica ordnance to Canada?
Unfortunately, Canadian Customs does not allow us to import our ordnance replicas to your country. However, our replica knives and bayonets can be imported without issue.


Our replicas measure the same as originals with a tolerance of +/- .010"

We use a urethane resin, so our replicas weigh less than originals, since there is no metal in our replicas unless otherwise noted.
Will this knife fit in my original scabbard?
Unless otherwise noted, our replicas are made from original examples and will fit into the original scabbards or pouches. I cannot verify that they will fit into replica scabbards as we cannot guarantee the quality of the replica in question.
Will your replica bayonet fit onto my real/replica rifle?
If you are using a real rifle, our bayonets will fit it. They might require a small amount of fitting, but our replicas have never been returned due to fit issues. I cannot verify that our replica bayonets will fit your airsoft/metal replica rifle, but if they have the same locking lugs as an original rifle, our replicas should fit.
Can I launch your replica mortars from my black powder/registered tube?
We use a dimensionally stable, cost effective urethane resin for our mortar replica bodies and fuzes. These are designed more for display and less for launching. They might hold up for a launch or two, but I cannot guarantee that they will hold up under that kind of pressure. I can use a material with a higher impact resistance, but it is more expensive and has a longer lead time. Please contact me with your needs and we can discuss options.
I am looking for a replica ______, I don't see it on your website, can you make me one?
Please contact me and ask if you do not see an item you are looking for. We offer roughly 60 items, but only 30 or so are currently in production and on the web site. However, I do make all of the molds here in the USA and keep an inventory of molds, even of items we don't list all of the time.
Additionally, I occasionally make molds of specific items for clients. If it is an items that will fit into our inventory, I will offer a trade to the client. If you send me a quality example that you want molded, I will make the molds, return your original in the same condition you gave it to me and I will offer 3-5 additional replicas from our website in trade. However, if the item you want does not fit into our catalog, or you wish to retain the rights to the item, I will provide you a quote for my time and material cost to make molds and cast parts. Please contact me if you have any additional questions.