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About Us

The Field Werks is a small company, committed to delivering historically accurate, quality, replica pieces, for collectors and reenactors alike. We started out making items that we wanted to own, but could not, for one reason or another, get ahold of (usually cost, or legality). From there we have been slowly expanding our collection of replica items. This small company is run on a part time basis (i.e. nights and weekends), so our turnaround time is slower than a company that runs full time. In addition, all items are made here, in the USA, by TheFieldWerks, and not from Chinese manufacturers. As such, our stock is not very deep and often times I am making items to fill orders and not to keep up stock. We hope to make, process and ship your order within 10 days of payment, but sometimes this does not happen and I ask you to bare with me. Please contact me if you need an item on a shorter time line and I will attempt to accommodate your needs. Thank you, Rob Green.

Feel free to email us with any suggestions on how we can make the site better.