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28mm 40k Small Barricade Resin Defense Line Trench Terrain Scenery Wargaming

$ 14.00
28mm 40k Small Barricade, Terrain, Trench, Defense Line, etc.

This Listing is for a "small" hand sculpted, cast and unpainted, alternative option for a Defense Line, or a Fortified but Hasty Barricade. I sculpted these for use on my gaming table at home and decided to make molds and see if anyone else might enjoy them.
This item would work equally well for Humans, Orks or Chaos. It is build using (in scale) Heavy Timbers, scrap metal and other items.
The barricade measures 5 3/8" long, 3 3/4" wide by 1" tall. The Small Barricade will fit 5 standard infantry bases, please see pictures, miniatures not included in auction. This piece of scenery is designed for stand alone use, or for use with other pieces of terrain that we offer in our store. This piece paints up well and will work in jungle, or city fight type boards.

As mentioned before, these pieces of scenery are hand sculpted and cast (by me) in a tough, grey, urethane resin and are unpainted. Any painted photos  are to illustrate possible painting options and to show that they take paint well. Though I recommend they get washed in warm, soapy water prior to priming.

These items are not recommended for children, as they are not toys. Please use caution and a mask, if you decide to drill or modify the parts. The dust can be harmful.

Please see our store for additional 28mm items and full scale ordnance replicas. We combine shipping and ship internationally to most countries. Though overseas shipping will cost more, contact us for a quote. 

As this is a part time operation for us, sometimes we take longer than planned to get items in the mail. If this is an issue, please contact me and I can give you an estimate of our current shipping times.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Thank you.

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